Sunday, November 21, 2010

Summary Post for C4K #8,9, 10, 11


C4K 8-11

#8: My C4K #8 was Wellington 4.0.  It was Wellington's class blog, and the class talked about and came up with different spelling strategies.  The class was REALLY CREATIVE! I explained to them that my goal as a future educator is to make learning fun, and told them that I feel like that is exactly what was going on in their classroom...FUN LEARNING! I told them they were doing a great job,and that I look forward to trying to make my classroom environment fun just like theirs! 

#9 My C4K #9 was Miss Byrne 7th grade class.The student I commented on was Nahtanha!! Her post was about remembering those who have fought for our county.  She also spoke about the importance of showing them respect and honoring them. She added the link to "In Flanders Field" onto her blog, and I told her that was a great idea! I explained to her how it allows readers to be able to get more details about what she was referring to! I also told her how I like how she added pictures to her blog! I told her to keep up all the great work!

#10 My C4K #10 was in 3B Millar blog, and the student I blogged was jcana!  The class was to come up with a creative way to remember the planets in order.  Jcana used a picture with a caption to remember the planets.  I told Jcana that I really like her picture!  I also explained to her that it was a great way to learn the name and order of the planets!  I told her that when I was younger we did the same thing to remember the planets!  I told her the picture looked GREAT, and that the aliens in the picture was very funny!

#11 My C4K #11 was in Mrs. Huebner's Class.  The student I blogged was Danielle's.  He recent post talked about a sleep over she was having with a close friend named Haylee.  I told her how I use to love sleepovers when I was her age! She said they would probably watch a movie, and eat popcorn and M&M's!  I told her that popcorn, movies, and M&M's are always a hit at sleep overs!  I told her I hope she and Haylee had a great night, and didn't stay up to late!

Overall, I have really enjoyed commenting on kids blogs. After seeing the response teacher have wrote to Dr. Strange, I really am glad I have taken the time to comment on these kids blogs this semester!  It really does make their day!

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