Sunday, November 21, 2010

Summary Post for C4K #8,9, 10, 11


C4K 8-11

#8: My C4K #8 was Wellington 4.0.  It was Wellington's class blog, and the class talked about and came up with different spelling strategies.  The class was REALLY CREATIVE! I explained to them that my goal as a future educator is to make learning fun, and told them that I feel like that is exactly what was going on in their classroom...FUN LEARNING! I told them they were doing a great job,and that I look forward to trying to make my classroom environment fun just like theirs! 

#9 My C4K #9 was Miss Byrne 7th grade class.The student I commented on was Nahtanha!! Her post was about remembering those who have fought for our county.  She also spoke about the importance of showing them respect and honoring them. She added the link to "In Flanders Field" onto her blog, and I told her that was a great idea! I explained to her how it allows readers to be able to get more details about what she was referring to! I also told her how I like how she added pictures to her blog! I told her to keep up all the great work!

#10 My C4K #10 was in 3B Millar blog, and the student I blogged was jcana!  The class was to come up with a creative way to remember the planets in order.  Jcana used a picture with a caption to remember the planets.  I told Jcana that I really like her picture!  I also explained to her that it was a great way to learn the name and order of the planets!  I told her that when I was younger we did the same thing to remember the planets!  I told her the picture looked GREAT, and that the aliens in the picture was very funny!

#11 My C4K #11 was in Mrs. Huebner's Class.  The student I blogged was Danielle's.  He recent post talked about a sleep over she was having with a close friend named Haylee.  I told her how I use to love sleepovers when I was her age! She said they would probably watch a movie, and eat popcorn and M&M's!  I told her that popcorn, movies, and M&M's are always a hit at sleep overs!  I told her I hope she and Haylee had a great night, and didn't stay up to late!

Overall, I have really enjoyed commenting on kids blogs. After seeing the response teacher have wrote to Dr. Strange, I really am glad I have taken the time to comment on these kids blogs this semester!  It really does make their day!

Blog Assignment #13


ALEX stands for Alabama Learning Exchange.  I am familiar with ALEX because I have used this website for other classes.  ALEX is also linked on my PLN.  The ALEX website is designed for aspiring teachers and current educators.  It gives you he course of studies for many subjects.  On the website there are different tabs you can click on.  These tabs are: courses of study, web links, lesson plans, search, personal workshop, professional learning, podcast treasury, and ALEXville.  It also gives lessons plans for subjects for teachers to view.  The web links tab gives you different websites you can go to that can be helpful resources for teachers.  There are links on this website that go to podcasts, a personal workspace, and professional learning websites. Teachers are also able to make their own lesson plans with ALEX and other teachers can view them as well. 

I really think that ALEX is a very useful website for educators.  I am glad that in EDM and in my other classes that my teachers are making sure that their students are familiar with the ALEX website.  I will be interested in viewing how other teachers teach the subject I am teaching.  ALEX is also going to be helpful when making sure that my lesson plans follow the Alabama Course of Study.  ALEX is a website I am SURE I will use when I become an educator!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Additional Assignment #5

First, I would like to say that I really enjoyed John Spencer's posts.  After reading Sketchy Portraits: 8th Grade Identity and Pencils, I decided that this would be the post I commented on.  I enjoyed this post.  Middle School students are still in the stage of trying to figure out who they are!  Spencer explains how pencils can be described as a variety of things.  And he used this metaphor to describe middle schools students.  Middle School Students are changing who they are and still trying to figure out who they want to be!

In his next post He Just likes the class for the Pencils, was very touching!  He explains how he how he has and builds respect between himself and for his students!  I hope to one day be a teacher just like him!  He seems to be interested in his students and trying to create a fun and interested classroom environment! Don’t get me wrong I believe technology and computers are very important within a classroom, but it takes a great teacher to keep the students entertained and learning!

I feel that maybe Spencer is using pencils in his classroom to help them explore and figure out who they are, and to help build a positive relationship between the teacher and student.

Project #15: "WHO WILL YOU CHOOSE?"


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Assignment #12

Technology in the Classroom -- Watch this video.  In a paragraph explain how you feel about this video.  Write about your views with using technology within the classroom.

A Faculty Response to A Vision of Students Today -- Before watching this video be sure you have watched Dr.Strange previous assigned blog assignment "A Vision of Students Today". Watch this video, it can be very useful to you as a future educator.  In a paragraph or two express your ideas about this video.  Explain whether or not you agree with the teaching ideas that these teachers tell. In your post tell how you plan to keep your students engaged in what you're teaching.

Technology in the Classroom -- I found that this video was very entertaining. A lot of the drawings were funny in their own way.  My favorite part is when the video told us that "CHANGE IS OK!"  This is true, change is okay and technology in the classroom is OKAY!  We as educators must understand that the society we live in today is all about technology.  We must know the importance of it and how to use it.  Technology within classrooms can be very beneficial.  Students can work together and also be learning about technology. Outside of learning and teaching about technology, it is very important that we understand the importance of safety for our students when it comes to technology.

A Faculty Response to A Vision of Students Today -- I really liked this video.  I feel that it can be very helpful to future educators.  After watching the video "A Vision of Students Today" I agreed to a lot of what the students.  After watching "A Faculty Response to a Vision of Students Today"  I realized that their is hope for future educators.  It is our responsibility to encourage students to engage into our classroom lectures.  It is also our responsibility to make learning for our students interesting and entertaining.  The teachers in this video gave excellent ideas on how we as future educators can make this that kind of learning environment for our students.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Progress Report on Final Project


I am very excited to be working with a larger group for my final project.  We haven't had the opportunity to meet this week, but we are planning on getting together on Tuesday to discuss what exactly our project will be on.  I like the idea of getting actual students involved.  I believe it would be an excellent learning experience for the students and for my group!  We are all brainstorming this weekend about what we think will be a great final project for EDM 310, and then meeting this week to get started on our project!  More updates to come! :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Form Results from Project #6

Health Questionnaire Summary and Analysis

I want to first say that Google docs is AWESOME!  I can not believe the results I got and how helpful forms was in creating the different graphs for each question!  I did my questionnaire on Health.  I asked questions about age, weight, and eating habits.  A majority of the people who answered my questionnaire were females between the ages of 15-25.  I wasn't shocked when I saw that a majority of the people who filled out the questionnaire ate out anywhere from 1-4 times a week!  Lunch was the most common meal that was normally ate out.  I knew this number would have been high, because most college students are always short on time, or doesn't really know how to cook.  Although, many of us do eat out frequently, those who took my questionnaire still consider themselves to be some-what healthy.  I imagine this is from daily exercise and walking to and from classes.  Many of the students who took my survey exercise anywhere from 3-5 times a week!  They don't consider themselves over-weight, and eat the average 3 meals a day!  one questions I asked was how important to they think the problem of obesity is on a scale of 1-10.  EVERYONE chose anywhere from 7 to 10!  I have to say that I agree with them.  The problem with obesity is very important, and the obesity rates only get higher every day. 

I had a total of 19 people fill out my survey.  I enjoyed making this survey.  All the different ways you can create questions is very helpful and organized on Google forms.  I am certain I will use this forms program when I become an educator!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summary Post C4T # 3

Aaron Eyler : Synthesizing Education

Comment 1: 
"Do the Mash: Mixing Tools to Create a Custom Cloud-Based Learning Tool."

The first post I commented on was Mr. Eyler's post "Do the Mash: Mixing Tools to Create a Custom Cloud-Based Learning Tool." I really enjoyed reading this post. It was about all the different website that can be used to create a cloud based learning environment. I explained how I was new to a lot of the websites I have been learning about in Dr. Strange's EDM class. I let Mr. Eyler know that his post gave me lots of helpful websites that I will be useful both inside and outside of the classroom. Some of the websites he mentioned that I am familiar with were: Google, You Tube, Flickr, and Google Docs. Many of the websites he listed I were not familiar with. I told him that I was looking forward to viewing some of the listed websites to learn more about technology and what all is offered that can be used to help create cloud based learning tools. I explained to him that I believe that creating this type of learning environment for students will keep students interested in learning what is being taught! I recommend visiting his site and reading this post, because I feel like this post could be extremely useful for future educators.

Comment #2: 
"Technology As the New Math"

The second post of Mr. Eyler's that I read was called "Technology As the New Math." This post was straight forward and to the point. He talked about how many people say they are "good" at some subject and "bad" at others. He told us how now days many people claim to be "not good" at technology, and most of those people haven't even tried to learn about it. He tells us at the end of the post that this has to be stopped. That we need to stop allowing kids to think they aren't "good" at certain subjects and make them work harder to learn about these subjects.

I admitted to having the mentality of "I am not good at technology" when I first enrolled in EDM 310. After learning many things about technology and how it can be useful my thoughts and opinions about technology have changed. I have learned so much about technology and can not wait to one day incorporate technology into my classroom. I agree with Mr. Eyler! We need to fight this! Student must know that they can not assume that they are “bad” at a certain subject or topic until they have actually tried to learn it! It is our job as future educators to put a stop to this kind of thinking!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Assignment #11


I think using blogs within the classroom is an excellent idea.  They could be extremely useful for the students and the teachers.  In the video a student made a comment about how his mom and sister commented on his blog!  I think this is great.  What an excellent way to get the entire family involved in a students learning network.  Parents will be able to be updated with exactly what their child is learning in the classroom.  Student blogs will also be beneficial for the teacher.  Teachers could assign assignments daily, and can see whether or not the student understands the material taught.  Students will be able to communicate with one another about assignments, projects, and other things when they are not in the classroom.  Students can also comment on peers blogs about what they think has been posted; like grammar mistakes, misspelling, sentence structure etc.  Blogging can also be helpful when students are sick and aren’t in class.  They can follow the class blog and other student’s blog throughout the day to stay up to date with the material they are missing. 

Ms. Cassidy’s class looks like they have learned so much from blogging.  In a way I feel the same!  I have learned so much in EDM 310.  Ms. Cassidy is doing an excellent job in preparing her students for the future.  Technology is growing more and more every day and technology is something that I feel is very important.  The Skype interview between Ms. Cassidy and Dr. Strange was very interesting.  She brought up a lot of good points.  I really enjoyed watching it.  I am very excited about one day using technology in my classroom, and teaching technology to my students so they are equipped with what they need to succeed in the future.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Project 14: Teach Someone Something


C4K #3-7 Summary Post


I really enjoyed communicating with all the kids!  It has been a great experience getting to talk to them, and visit their blogs! Below is a summary of each C4K:

#3: My C4K #3 was room 2 from England.  I got to watch a video they had created in class.  The movie was excellent!! I loved all the artwork that the class created! Room 2 was a really talented group of students! I encouraged them to keep up all the hard work, and continue to post movies and artwork to their blog!!!

#4: My C4K #4 name was Jordy.  The day I commented on her blog was her birthday!  She told me what all she done on her birthday!  I let her know that I was glad she had a great birthday! I let her know that I get really excited about my birthdays as well! She got some good gifts from her family!  Jordy brought her I classmates some Russian Rudge to class! I told her that I have never had it before, but it sounded really good!

#5: The next C4K was a post she wrote about friendship.  I let her know that I enjoyed reading her post about friendships. I agreed with her about her opinion on friendship characteristics. I told her that trust, being able to have fun, and being nice are very important traits in a friend. She comparing friendship and popularity.  I told her that being popular isn’t always important if you do not have good trustworthy friends! She also told me about her best friend Shakira, and how they had a lot in common!  At the end I let her know she was doing a great job on her blog!

#6: Emma was my C4K #6! I really enjoyed her blog.  She started off  giving us her expectations for her blog, and I let her know that all of the things she had listed are very important expectations to have.
She told me about her family, she has a lot of siblings!  Emma seems to be very interested in sports! I told her how I have never really played basketball, but I love playing sand volleyball at the beach!  I let her know her blog was looking great and she needed to keep up all the hard work!

#7: My final C4K #7 was Alba! Alba was a new blogger just like me!  I told her that I I love the set up of her blog, and that she was off to a great start! I explained to her that I just started blogging in August as a requirement for Dr. Strange's class.  I  let her know how much I have learn a lot about blogging and technology in general thanks to Dr. Strange! I wished her lots of luck on her blog! And let her know that if she ever needed any help with her blog to just ask someone; because there is SO much she can learn!