Saturday, November 6, 2010

Blog Assignment #11


I think using blogs within the classroom is an excellent idea.  They could be extremely useful for the students and the teachers.  In the video a student made a comment about how his mom and sister commented on his blog!  I think this is great.  What an excellent way to get the entire family involved in a students learning network.  Parents will be able to be updated with exactly what their child is learning in the classroom.  Student blogs will also be beneficial for the teacher.  Teachers could assign assignments daily, and can see whether or not the student understands the material taught.  Students will be able to communicate with one another about assignments, projects, and other things when they are not in the classroom.  Students can also comment on peers blogs about what they think has been posted; like grammar mistakes, misspelling, sentence structure etc.  Blogging can also be helpful when students are sick and aren’t in class.  They can follow the class blog and other student’s blog throughout the day to stay up to date with the material they are missing. 

Ms. Cassidy’s class looks like they have learned so much from blogging.  In a way I feel the same!  I have learned so much in EDM 310.  Ms. Cassidy is doing an excellent job in preparing her students for the future.  Technology is growing more and more every day and technology is something that I feel is very important.  The Skype interview between Ms. Cassidy and Dr. Strange was very interesting.  She brought up a lot of good points.  I really enjoyed watching it.  I am very excited about one day using technology in my classroom, and teaching technology to my students so they are equipped with what they need to succeed in the future.


  1. Brooke,

    How would you use blogs in your future classroom? Also, can you list out the specific benefits that you would talk to your students and parents about when using blogs?

  2. Brooke,

    I agree with your blog post. I think blogging is an excellent tool to use in the classroom. I really like all the reasons you brought up about why you believe blogging is a great tool in the classroom. I really like the idea about students commenting on their peers blogs and what they think about the post regarding grammar mistakes, spelling, etc. That is a great way to learn and work together! Keep up the great work, Brooke!

  3. I feel that using blogs in the classroom will be very beneficial! My students can read assigned assignments and other classmates blogs just like we do in EDM 310. I also feel that a class blog would be very beneficial to those students who have to miss a day of school due to an illness. They can stay up-to-date with what the class is learning that day. Parents will be able to see what their child is learning, and also information about homework assignments and project deadlines. I would also have a place on my classroom blog about upcoming school events and cafeteria menu for the week. I know as a kid I ALWAYS was unsure whether or not to bring my lunch or buy my lunch at school! :) Thanks for commenting!