Thursday, November 11, 2010

Form Results from Project #6

Health Questionnaire Summary and Analysis

I want to first say that Google docs is AWESOME!  I can not believe the results I got and how helpful forms was in creating the different graphs for each question!  I did my questionnaire on Health.  I asked questions about age, weight, and eating habits.  A majority of the people who answered my questionnaire were females between the ages of 15-25.  I wasn't shocked when I saw that a majority of the people who filled out the questionnaire ate out anywhere from 1-4 times a week!  Lunch was the most common meal that was normally ate out.  I knew this number would have been high, because most college students are always short on time, or doesn't really know how to cook.  Although, many of us do eat out frequently, those who took my questionnaire still consider themselves to be some-what healthy.  I imagine this is from daily exercise and walking to and from classes.  Many of the students who took my survey exercise anywhere from 3-5 times a week!  They don't consider themselves over-weight, and eat the average 3 meals a day!  one questions I asked was how important to they think the problem of obesity is on a scale of 1-10.  EVERYONE chose anywhere from 7 to 10!  I have to say that I agree with them.  The problem with obesity is very important, and the obesity rates only get higher every day. 

I had a total of 19 people fill out my survey.  I enjoyed making this survey.  All the different ways you can create questions is very helpful and organized on Google forms.  I am certain I will use this forms program when I become an educator!

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