Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Assignment #12

Technology in the Classroom -- Watch this video.  In a paragraph explain how you feel about this video.  Write about your views with using technology within the classroom.

A Faculty Response to A Vision of Students Today -- Before watching this video be sure you have watched Dr.Strange previous assigned blog assignment "A Vision of Students Today". Watch this video, it can be very useful to you as a future educator.  In a paragraph or two express your ideas about this video.  Explain whether or not you agree with the teaching ideas that these teachers tell. In your post tell how you plan to keep your students engaged in what you're teaching.

Technology in the Classroom -- I found that this video was very entertaining. A lot of the drawings were funny in their own way.  My favorite part is when the video told us that "CHANGE IS OK!"  This is true, change is okay and technology in the classroom is OKAY!  We as educators must understand that the society we live in today is all about technology.  We must know the importance of it and how to use it.  Technology within classrooms can be very beneficial.  Students can work together and also be learning about technology. Outside of learning and teaching about technology, it is very important that we understand the importance of safety for our students when it comes to technology.

A Faculty Response to A Vision of Students Today -- I really liked this video.  I feel that it can be very helpful to future educators.  After watching the video "A Vision of Students Today" I agreed to a lot of what the students.  After watching "A Faculty Response to a Vision of Students Today"  I realized that their is hope for future educators.  It is our responsibility to encourage students to engage into our classroom lectures.  It is also our responsibility to make learning for our students interesting and entertaining.  The teachers in this video gave excellent ideas on how we as future educators can make this that kind of learning environment for our students.


  1. Brooke,

    I really enjoyed your assignment. I also thought Technology in the Classroom was entertaining. It is important to use technology and accept change. It feels like those two things are the most important aspects of EDM 310. I also think when using technology it is important to teach internet safety. I was not able to view your second video, but from your response it sounds like a great video. I am happy that faculty members are also taking part in making videos.

  2. Brooke,

    I completely agree that We as educators must understand that the society we live in today is all about technology. Of course in order to use we must have the knowledge of how to do so. At first I didn't understand what the point of EDM310 was(because I thought I already knew plenty, boy was I wrong), but now that we've been in it for a semester I'm sure you can agree that we would be lost in the world of technology inside the classroom if it wasn't for this class. Thanks for the video, I love that it was a fun cartoon. I wish I could've seen you other video but its good to know that it ensured your hope for future educators.