Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summary Post C4T # 3

Aaron Eyler : Synthesizing Education

Comment 1: 
"Do the Mash: Mixing Tools to Create a Custom Cloud-Based Learning Tool."

The first post I commented on was Mr. Eyler's post "Do the Mash: Mixing Tools to Create a Custom Cloud-Based Learning Tool." I really enjoyed reading this post. It was about all the different website that can be used to create a cloud based learning environment. I explained how I was new to a lot of the websites I have been learning about in Dr. Strange's EDM class. I let Mr. Eyler know that his post gave me lots of helpful websites that I will be useful both inside and outside of the classroom. Some of the websites he mentioned that I am familiar with were: Google, You Tube, Flickr, and Google Docs. Many of the websites he listed I were not familiar with. I told him that I was looking forward to viewing some of the listed websites to learn more about technology and what all is offered that can be used to help create cloud based learning tools. I explained to him that I believe that creating this type of learning environment for students will keep students interested in learning what is being taught! I recommend visiting his site and reading this post, because I feel like this post could be extremely useful for future educators.

Comment #2: 
"Technology As the New Math"

The second post of Mr. Eyler's that I read was called "Technology As the New Math." This post was straight forward and to the point. He talked about how many people say they are "good" at some subject and "bad" at others. He told us how now days many people claim to be "not good" at technology, and most of those people haven't even tried to learn about it. He tells us at the end of the post that this has to be stopped. That we need to stop allowing kids to think they aren't "good" at certain subjects and make them work harder to learn about these subjects.

I admitted to having the mentality of "I am not good at technology" when I first enrolled in EDM 310. After learning many things about technology and how it can be useful my thoughts and opinions about technology have changed. I have learned so much about technology and can not wait to one day incorporate technology into my classroom. I agree with Mr. Eyler! We need to fight this! Student must know that they can not assume that they are “bad” at a certain subject or topic until they have actually tried to learn it! It is our job as future educators to put a stop to this kind of thinking!!

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