Thursday, November 4, 2010

C4K #3-7 Summary Post


I really enjoyed communicating with all the kids!  It has been a great experience getting to talk to them, and visit their blogs! Below is a summary of each C4K:

#3: My C4K #3 was room 2 from England.  I got to watch a video they had created in class.  The movie was excellent!! I loved all the artwork that the class created! Room 2 was a really talented group of students! I encouraged them to keep up all the hard work, and continue to post movies and artwork to their blog!!!

#4: My C4K #4 name was Jordy.  The day I commented on her blog was her birthday!  She told me what all she done on her birthday!  I let her know that I was glad she had a great birthday! I let her know that I get really excited about my birthdays as well! She got some good gifts from her family!  Jordy brought her I classmates some Russian Rudge to class! I told her that I have never had it before, but it sounded really good!

#5: The next C4K was a post she wrote about friendship.  I let her know that I enjoyed reading her post about friendships. I agreed with her about her opinion on friendship characteristics. I told her that trust, being able to have fun, and being nice are very important traits in a friend. She comparing friendship and popularity.  I told her that being popular isn’t always important if you do not have good trustworthy friends! She also told me about her best friend Shakira, and how they had a lot in common!  At the end I let her know she was doing a great job on her blog!

#6: Emma was my C4K #6! I really enjoyed her blog.  She started off  giving us her expectations for her blog, and I let her know that all of the things she had listed are very important expectations to have.
She told me about her family, she has a lot of siblings!  Emma seems to be very interested in sports! I told her how I have never really played basketball, but I love playing sand volleyball at the beach!  I let her know her blog was looking great and she needed to keep up all the hard work!

#7: My final C4K #7 was Alba! Alba was a new blogger just like me!  I told her that I I love the set up of her blog, and that she was off to a great start! I explained to her that I just started blogging in August as a requirement for Dr. Strange's class.  I  let her know how much I have learn a lot about blogging and technology in general thanks to Dr. Strange! I wished her lots of luck on her blog! And let her know that if she ever needed any help with her blog to just ask someone; because there is SO much she can learn!

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