Thursday, October 14, 2010

Project #10: PLN Progress Report


My Personal Learning Network progress is going great so far. I have added several people and websites that have been useful for my journey through EDM 310.  I add the EDM Class Blog so that I can stay up to date with new post that Dr. Strange post onto the blog.  I also added Jamie Lynn and Anthony’s blog so I can reference their blog and learn from it.  The finally person added to my blog was Sterling Strom.  She is one of my good friends in our EDM class.  When we have questions, and lab is not open we always communicate back and forth to help each other out.  That is one thing I have learned in this class.  Your classmates can be very helpful.  Even though we aren’t required t come to lab I have also learn that coming to lab helps me learn more due to Anthony and Jamie Lynn’s help. 
I also added the ALEX (Alabama Learning Exchange).  This website has been extremely helpful in my other classes.  It shows many examples of how to things that I am learning in my classes.  I feel this is website is not just useful now, but will be useful when I become an educator.  The finally thing added to my PLN was At the Teacher’s Desk, this blog has and will continue to help me with my EDM projects.
So far I have really enjoyed using Symbaloo for my PLN.  I am excited about continuing to add websites that will be useful for me, not only as a student and learner, but also as an educator.

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