Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blog Assignment #8

This Is How We Dream

Richard Miller talks about fundamental change and incremental change in this video. He tells us how we have the ability to communicate globally and instantly. Richard Miller loved books and dreamed about having a career in working with books. He goes on to explain how the fundamental and incremental change process only takes a few seconds.

It is amazing how our learning lifestyles have changed. Now days we don’t just use pencil and paper for writing. We have computers that allow us to create word documents that express what we are trying to say. Mr. Millers shows us how to make word documents into web documents and showed us how a print document can be made into a web document.

Mr. Miller tells us how the digital environment has been found and how new material can be change right before our eyes. For example, the Internet, something that has an ongoing change can be changed instantly on the Internet. This is not true for something that has been printed in a book. Once a book is printed no changes can be made.

This video was very informative. It really made me think about how important technology is today. Before you know it, everything will be based on the Internet and through technology. Richard Miller did and excellent job in these videos.
Chipper Series
I liked this video. It is very entertaining, and I loved how Jamie Lynn kept going back to Dr. Strange to update him on how she was doing. As a student we must understand too not procrastinate. Procrastination can affect many things for a student. We must remember what is important and stick to trying our best to accomplish things we want to accomplish no matter how tough it gets!
EDM 310 for DUMMIES!
Can I get a copy of this book? HAHA! I loved it! I will admit, my first couple of weeks in this class was tough! I thought I was never going to get the hang of all the things we do in this class. With the help of Jamie Lynn, Anthony, Dr. Strange and my classmates, EDM has seemed to become easier for me. I enjoy learning new things about technology every week. Jamie Lynn and her partner did an excellent job on this video!
Critiques of Smartboards

After reading both of these arguments, I still believe Smartboards are good for a classroom. At Dawes Intermediate, which is a 3-5 grade school that I have had the opportunity of helping out at, there are smartboards in every classroom. I know what you are thinking, that’s a lot of money, but I feel like smartboards keep the students interest and attention. My cousin who is in the 4th grade has a smartboard in his class, and one of the first things he told me about the classroom was about the smartboard. To me a smartboard is completely different than a computer. Also, I believe the smartboard get the students more involved to enhance their learning. There are many pro’s and con’s of having a smartboard in your classroom, for me more pro’s. The website that argues the opposite side of having smartboards.


  1. I had the hardest first few weeks in this class! I'm glad we were lucky enough to have people to help us! Procrastination unfortunately got the best of me this week but I have been working hard on trying to get everything turned in on time! :) I also agree with you on the smartboards. They are expensive but they give the children to be entertained in different ways and also give them the ability to interact in the classroom! Keep up the good work!

  2. I love your blog! I like how you added pictures to all your post because it looks really creative! I agree with you on the EDM 310 for dummies. I was so lost in this class but it now coming together for me. I hope to see you around campus!

  3. Hey Brooke,

    You make a good point about how books have to be updated and we get to by new text books because we need the "newer" version or volume.

    Smartboards are a very interesting topic for me. I think that you are really going to see how much you like smartboards when you do your smartboard project. I think smartboards are good and in some ways bad, but we know that everything boils down to the money aspect. Keep that in mind when you are doing and learning about the smartboard.

    Good post Brooke, you blog looks great. Next time instead of just pasting the URL of a web page, try creating a link.

    Stephen Akins