Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blog Assignment #7

Number 7


What a tearjerker! Randy Pausch’s video was spectacular!  He really made me start to appreciate life more than I ever did!  In the beginning of the video, Randy tells us about his medical background.  He found out he had ten tumors in his liver, and that the doctors gave him three to six months of good health left.  Despite what Randy has had to go through he still sees the positive side of things.    He knows he cannot change anything that has came his way, but instead knows he just has to learn how to deal with it.  He tells us about his childhood, and how he was always smiling when he was younger.  Growing up, you can tell that Randy has always enjoyed life and appreciated it no matter what circumstance were thrown at him.  Randy told us about all the childhood dreams he had for himself.  He went into great detail about them.  One of these dreams was to play in the NFL.  On his first day of football practice his coach did not bring any footballs to practice.  He said he learned the fundamentals of the game, and soon realized how important these fundamentals were.  He said,  "Experience is what you get when you didn't get what you wanted."  I agree with this comment.  In life, you cannot always get what you want. 

Another one of Randy’s dreams was getting to meet Captain Kirk. Captain Kirk was the most brilliant person on the ship, but he was the leader on it.  This made Randy realize yet another important life lesson about leadership.  In life leadership can be extremely important, and being intelligent was not what always mattered.  This dream that eventually came true lead Randy onto having bigger dreams.  Later, he became a day-a-week consultant for Imagineering for Disney.  The dream of his lasted for an entire ten year.  Randy consulted many things like the Disney Quest and the Virtual Jungle Cruise.  This dream brought about another question for him.  How could he enable the childhood dreams for other children around the world?  These questions lead him to becoming a professor.

Randy said that becoming a professor was a great place to begin to enable childhood dreams.  He listened to his students’ ambitions and dreams.  One of his students named Tommy has had the childhood dream of working on the next Star Wars Film. Tommy dream came true, and he had the opportunity to work on all three of the Star Wars Films.  Randy then began to create a course called Building Virtual Worlds.  This course was made up f fifty students from all the different departments of the university he worked at.  These fifty students were put into groups of four, and began working on all kinds of different projects like putting on productions in front of audiences.  This course soon became a hit at the university, and many people within the departments wanted to be involved with this course.  This course created a Dream Fulfillment Factory; which was yet another big hit for Randy and a guy named Don Martin.  In this, he explained how the success probably came from having two totally different people work together to achieve something so brilliant.   Randy taught this course for over ten years.  The university became a great place that helped many students fulfill their dreams.  You could really tell that this was something Randy really loved doing.  I imagine he enjoyed it so much because he got to see the students grow and achieve ambitions that they enjoy achieving, much like he did when he was a child. 

At the end of the video, Randy tell us about the lessons learn from all of these experiments.  He lets us know that where there is a will there’s a way.  You as an individual can achieve dreams and ambitions that you have.  Parents, teachers, and mentors play a huge role in helping children’s dreams come true, we can just never give up.  I am so happy this was one of our blog post assignments, this video was very inspiring, and I think Randy Pausch for sharing this with us.  This video was amazing, and really made me realize how important I can be in helping young children in believing in themselves to achieve their dreams.  Not only does this apply to children, but it also applies to myself.  I know that sometimes things get tough, but I must remember to stay thankful and appreciate what I have, and most importantly to never give up!

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