Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blog Post #10

An Open Letter to Educators:
I enjoyed reading this post by Morgan Bayda.  I too am open to changes and learning as much as I can.  Honestly, I find it hard to stay awake in some of my lecture classes.  Actually, in my lecture classes a majority of my teachers go over Power Points or read straight out of the book, and this is boring for me.  I know as a future educator I DO NOT want my students bored with the lecture I am presenting.  This is why I enjoy learning about technology.  If I can make the learning environment fun for my students, and keep their attention, then I know they will be getting something out of my lecture.  I am not saying that technology is the answer to making learning fun, but if you think about it technology is what the society is based around these days. If I can bring technology into my classroom to keep my students interested and involved in class discussion, then I will!

Don't Let Them Take Pencils Home:
I enjoyed reading his post. We should focus more so on solving the problem than just focusing on the problem!  We waste so much time worrying about the problem, and finding the solution becomes so minor.  This should be the exact opposite.

Two Questions that can Change Your Life:
Was I better today than I was yesterday?  This question is a question I want to continue to ask myself every day.  I try to always to better every single day. My sentence was developed from my past.  My fifth grade teacher, Marcy Miller made a HUGE impact on my life.  The reason I have chosen education as my major is because of her!  I hope that my sentence will encourage me to do better and continue to work towards accomplishing my goals and ambitions.


Though creativity, I will have a fun and motivating learning environment for my students so learning for them will be fun and enjoyable.


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  2. Brooke,

    I really like the way you have laid out your blog! Also, I am so glad you said what you did about keeping your kids attention. I think our new challenge is to stop worrying about being the center of their attention, and get them to be attentive to the lesson at hand via projects and interactions!

    Great work, thanks for making me think.