Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blog Assignment #9


What I've Learned This Year

Just from viewing this blog, I knew I would enjoy reading Mr. McClung’s post!  A future teacher can learn a lot from this post.  From walking into the classroom to listening to learning educators must know that their job as an educator comes with many responsibilities.  This post really made me realize there is so much for an educator to learn once they get into the classroom.  Every topic Mr. McClung talks about is very important for future teachers to be aware of.  Some of my favorite things he talked about were being flexible!  I am sure no one has ever had the PERFECT lesson.  We must learn that everything is always going to go according to plan.  Another one of my favorite things talked about was being reasonable.  Teachers do have expectations for their students, and sometimes these expectations are not met.  I loved when Mr. McClung said “Out job as teachers is to simply pick them up after they fail, dust them off, and encourage them to try again.”  This is SO TRUE!  Mr. McClung also speaks about technology in his post.  I agree with this, and can honestly say EDM 310 scared the heck out of me the first week!  I have learned many things since then, and can honestly say that technology is extremely helpful when it comes to education.  He is right, taking your time to learn about technology and not giving up so easily is only going to benefit yourself in the long run!  I really enjoyed Mr. McClung’s post and thank him for all the points he has shared with everyone! seems like it will be a very helpful blog.  I added it to my PLN!


  1. Brooke,

    The ability to be flexible, reasonable, and encouraging is definitely important for all teachers. While lesson plans are important for structure, a teacher cannot expect to have his or her classroom run the way expected. The students and their questions will always change the course, and we, the teachers, must be prepared. When our student do fail, we should definitely pick them up and dust them off. I love that quote you included. I also think this refers back to what Randy Pausch taught. The ability to use effectively is also beneficial, and as you have said, you have learned that in EDM!

  2. Brooke, I too really learned a lot from Mr. McClungs post. I think that some of the things that he touched on such as the flexibility and being reasonable are things that you do not necessarily think of before you become a teacher and these things must be learned by a teacher once they enter the classroom.