Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Additional Assignment #3

Sir Ken Robinson:
Changing Educational Paradigms
I really enjoyed watching this video!  Sir Ken Robinson tells us about his views on education.  Schools cannot be model from what was done in the past.  School systems and technology has changed tremendously, so it is expected that children will become distracted!  I agree with his view on ADHD.  I feel that being on medication for ADHD is not healthy for the child.  Children who are on medication for ADHD seem to be somewhat zombies.  He also spoke about standardized testing, and showed us pictures of how students are manufactured into lines and put into a grade/level they are suppose to be in.  He made very good point.  Not all students learn the same, not all students work better in larger classrooms, and not all student work well in groups.  Why are we so sure that it is okay to put 24+ students in the same classroom for them to learn?  We aren’t sure; this is just how it has been done for as long as some of us can remember! I believe change is good, and I am a firm believe that change in education is much needed!
I agree with a lot that Sir Ken Robinson tells us in his presentation.   I feel like we are being taught the same as we always have been in the College of Education with a few tweets.  These tweets being learning more about technology, and understanding the importance of technology within the classroom.  The only thing I know to do as a future educator is to understand the learning differences of students in my classroom.  It is a learning process that will continue to change.
I liked this presentation.  The drawings were really creative.  If I had to do a presentation like this with others, I would most likely play the role as the designer or narrator!  Let’s just say my artists skills aren’t the best! J

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