Thursday, September 30, 2010

C4K #1 & 2 Summary Post

The first student that I commented on was Noah. He attends Noel Elementary School, and has written two posts on his blog. One about himself and the second one was his Manifesto Assignment. Noah has a very large family with a total of six siblings. Growing up he said he traveled a lot, but is currently living right on the Elk River. I commented back on his post talking about how excited it must be to travel so much. I also told him a little about myself, and how I only have two siblings.

Noah’s second post was his Manifesto Assignment. In this post he told us about his goal of one day joining the military. He also told us what he can do to become a better student; which included: respecting his teachers, doing his assignments, being on time to class, and following directions. I commented back telling Noah that all of these things are very important to accomplish the goals he wants to accomplish. I told him that having respect for his teachers and classmates is very important because in order to get respects from others, you have to give respect.

I really enjoyed following Noah’s blog. I love how the students in this class are getting an early start on learning about technology. This is only going to help them in the future!

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