Thursday, September 16, 2010

Blog Post #4

Don't Teach Your Kids This Stuff. Please?
Dr. McLeod is the Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Iowa State University. He and Dr. Joan Hughes established a national technology program, C.A.S.T.L.E. that makes sure that the education system is using technological requirements in the schools.
I liked this post. He is right about not matter how much parents try to shelter their child; their child is still going to be exposed. I believe that the parents have a big role in teaching their child how to use technology and the Internet, versus parents just trying to keep their child from the Internet completely. Technology is a major part of the society today, and is the children of the future don't know how to use it then they will have a hard time progressing.
The iSchool Initiative
In this video Travis Allen explains his idea of an “iSchool”. He tells viewers about all the educational applications one can get from an iTouch. Some of the applications he mentions that would be beneficial are Email, Chemical Touch, U.S. Constitution, WorldWiki, U.S.A. Presidents, Star Walk, Formulae, Recorder, Scientific Calculator, Notes, Calendar, Classics, and iHomework. The idea of the iSchool would save money and have a good effect on the environment. He tells us that teachers, parents, and students would have access to school related things at all times.
Travis did and excellent job on researching the material before he made his video. He let viewers see the cost of schools supplies that one might spend versus the price on an iTouch. With technology advancing I would not be surprise to see the idea of an iSchool in the near future.
Watch the Lost Generation
I loved this video, and I like the way it was presented. After hearing the speaker read the entire speech, I was concerned. I thought, "is this really what some people think of life?" Then she started to reverse the speech and read it backwards, and I was relieved. At the same time I was thinking, "this is so cool!" The speaker did a great job getting her feelings across! It was really creative and put together well.
Eric Whitaker’s Virtual Choir
All I have to say is AMAZING! It’s hard to believe that a 185 different people from several different countries were able to come together through technology and do this! It is unbelievable that technology has advance so much, that we have the resources to bring all these people together for an amazing performance! Eric Whitaker did an awesome job putting this together and making the performance so great! I would have never expected that getting 185 different people together through technology could create something so outstanding! Good job Eric Whitaker!


  1. Excellent post Brooke!

    You made a great point when you said, "Technology is a major part of the society today, and is the children of the future don't know how to use it then they will have a hard time progressing." This is so true. And if you think about it, as much technology as we use today, when these children are adults the technical possibilities and choices will likely be almost limitless. Now is the time to give the children of today the foundation for tomorrow.

    Your blog looks great. Don't forget to proof read before posting. SS

  2. I agree with you. It is a parents responsibility to make sure children learn to safely use technology. There are bad things everywhere but, we can not put our children in bubbles. I was astonished at the way the virtual choir came together. It was like they had practiced for years.