Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blog Assignment #3

Michael Wesch: A Vision of Students Today

My college experience, has sort of been much like this video. My classrooms are fairly large with many students in my lecture classrooms. Most of my teachers do however, know of me, and can put my name with my face. This is because I email my teacher frequently and always participate in class lectures. I believe that everything is based on how far the student is willing to go. Those students who put forth effort and take out time to meet and communicate with their professor, are the students who want to learn not matter what the classroom is like. Those students who take advantage get more out of the class. A person who is interested and wants to learn will typically make the effort. Effective teaching methods and technology can make this process much easier. With assignments, test, lectures, and quizzes online a student can attain whatever they do not get out of the class.

I would like to see more statistics within this video, to me that was very interesting. I would also like to see statistics and thoughts of different age groups. Elementary and middle schooler’s thoughts and opinions would interest me more beings that is the field I am going into.

"It's Not About the Technology" by Kelly Hines

I agree with Kelly Hines article. There is a big difference between teaching and learning. Educators must be able and willing to do both. Don’t get me wrong I believe technology is very important, but at the same time what is technology without good teaching habits? Adding technology to classrooms without an objective is not going to fix most problems in schools today.

I loved with Kelly Hines said “the teacher teaches with learning in mind.” This is very true. Teachers must be learners. Teachers today do have to be up to date on current things happening. They also have to know where the students are coming from before entering their class. Every student is different, and every student will not learn the same. It is the teacher’s responsibility to reach out and learn how to better teach the students in their class.

Karl Fisch: Is It Okay to Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher?

I agree with Karl Fisch. Teacher’s today should know as much as possible about technology. Technology and know how to use a level of that technology consistent with the educational objectives that they are teaching. Technology today is very important in today’s society, and students must know about technology in order to be successful in today’s world. Students must know and understand that technology is forever changing, and realize how helpful it can be if they would just take advantage of opportunities that they are given.

Karl’s post is extremely entertaining and really makes you think. He lets educators know how important it is to experience technology, learn technology, explore technology with and without your students, both inside and outside of the classroom. He makes a good point when he says, “you need to demonstrate continual learning, lifelong learning – for your students or you will continue to teach your students how to be successful in an age that no longer exists.” I agree 100% with this statement…technology is changing, and we both educators and students need to know how important it is to understand it.

Gary Hayes Social Media Count

This is unbelievable! These statistics change every single second! I can only imagine how drastic these numbers will be when we become educators. This means as educators we have to be able to understand technology to a whole different number! From blogs, to facebook, to YouTube, we will have to know about it all. It just goes to show you how technology continues to change and increase every single second!


  1. Hey Brooke!
    My name is Samantha and you were assigned to me for C4C #3! I enjoyed reading your responses to the video and blogs. I agree with your opinion on the first video. More statistics for elementary or middle schools would be a valuable asset to the video. Since the video was made in 2007, I'm sure they could add more statistics such as the amount of Skype calls made a day or the amount of tweets each minute, much like Gary Hayes's Social Media Count.

  2. Hi Brooke,

    You shared some great and very agreeable thoughts concerning student involved pertaining to students achievement. However, not everyone is as intrinsically motivated as you seem to be. As a teacher, how will you motivate your students to be as engaged as they need to be in order to succeed? How can technology help you with this very important task of motivating young students?

    I also liked what you had to say about ever child being different with unique talents and needs. I have witnessed the power of technology to grant kids freedom to create... and creation equals expression-- what they choose to express will tell you more than any series of questions.