Monday, September 20, 2010

Blog Assignment #5

Eagles’ Nest Radio Episode #3: Roamin’ with the Ancient Romans

This podcast was phenomenal! The third graders in the picture look so excited and accomplished! I love how the podcast was set up as a radio episode! The music in the background was very entertaining and went well with the topic of the Ancient Romans. The third graders were so clear and enthused. I also really like how they broke down the topic into history, architecture, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, and gladiators. This is awesome, and I now know different ways to get my future students’ involved in technology. What a great way to get students’ involved, out of their classroom desk, and excited about learning!

The Benefits of Podcasting in the Classroom by Joe Dale

This podcast was very beneficial. It gave feedback from the students, teachers, and principles. This podcast caught my attention when it said most of the children born after 1980 is millennial. This is very true technology is very big in today’s society. Using a podcast allows differentiation in the classroom. A teacher can us a regular podcast or a vodcast; which is a podcast video. It can be used for more visual learners. A podcast is helpful within a classroom because everyone can be involved teachers, students, principles, and parents. Podcasts can be easily added onto blogs and students can help out other classmates by commenting about the podcast. The biggest benefit I learned about in the video was how a podcast can help tremendously if a student is out sick. This was an excellent video, and was very helpful and informing for me as a future educator.

The Education Podcasting Network

I feel that this would be very helpful in getting started on a podcast. I feel like with podcasting becoming more and more common in school systems, then there should be more websites like these that helps educators and students. This network will have great resources for teachers when it comes to planning their lessons. I really liked how on the side of the page it had different podcast for different school subjects. I also think it is a great idea that most of the podcast on this network are from teachers sharing their beliefs, passions, knowledge, and insights on subjects that mean the most to them. This network has great potential to grow since technology is becoming more common in the school system.


  1. In your Eagles' Nest Radio Episode blog post, I definitely agree with how they set up the podcast. I think the students were a lot more excited about being involved since it was a radio setup as opposed to something plain and normal. I really enjoyed the music in the background as well and I also loved how they broke the topics down student by student. Really agree with your post!

  2. Good Post Brooke!

    You have really gathered what is important about podcasts in schools. I think that the students do a really good job showing off there skills. Also, like you, I think that podcast help with so much more than just the lesson. It helps them think critically, it introduces them to planning things out, and I think it really gets them into what they are doing.

    Your blog is looking great Brooke. Keep up the good work.

    Stephen Akins