Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Additional Assignment #1

A.  What are the educational implications of searches such as Google Squared provides?

Google Squared provides different tables that can be adjusted to your need. Things can be added or deleted as needed.  Everything represented in the tables are presented in statistics, summaries, maps, and articles.

B. What are the educational implications of searches such as WolframAlpha provides?
The educational implications of using WolframAlpha provides summary of information and statistics a lot like Google Squared. The example I searched on WolframAlpha was population in the US and in the Bahamas.  WolframAlpha showed different graphs that compared the two.

C. Did you know about Google Squared before this assignment?

No, I did not.

D. Did you know about WolframAlpha before this assignment?

No, I did not.  I really enjoyed WolframAlpha, the search bar was very helpful.

E. Reread your comments about Did You Know. Have my comments altered your thinking about anything you saw, heard, read, or reported for the Did You Know assignment? If not, say so. If so, describe how in as much detail as necessary.

Yes, it did.  In the video "Did You Know", all we seen was numbers and statistics.  We never saw the different population sizes, and other facts that would affect our opinions.  It is easy to just see what's on a video, and believe it without reseaching, and without fully thinking about the information that is given to you.

F. What did you learn from this exercise about how you react to and deal with "statistics"?

I learned that there are many ways to reseach what you are trying to find.  Not only should you look for just ne statistic you are trying to find, but you should also look for other statistics that might effect what your looking for.

Pitcairn Islands:

Pitcairn Islands map

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