Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blog Assignment

Network Learning
The Networked Student

I want to first start off by saying that I love the creative in this video.  It was a different way to show us that technology is extremely important in today’s society.  Everything in this video is related to the 21st century.  It was an eye open for me.  I know understand how we as future educators are apart of this century where technology will be used everywhere!  Educators must realize how important learning about technology and teaching technology is in today’s world.

This video showed all kinds of different ways how technology can be useful within and outside of the classroom.  Students do not have to have pencils, papers, and books to learn.  Education is all over the Internet.  Why should educators bore students with reading material out of books and PowerPoint lectures, when the students can use scholar searches on the Internet to find professors from top universities discussions, websites, and blogs on the subject they are learning?  Learning is unlimited when it comes to technology, and I never understood this until this class!

With the help of EDM 310, I believe I am learning to be prepared to teach a networked student.  The learning for me doesn’t stop at EDM 310 though.  In order to be successful I will have to continue to learn about technology even when I am teaching my students. I will for sure use technology within my classroom, to show my student how useful resources that they have can be.  Technology is forever changing, and I am excited to see what it is has to bring in the future!

A 7th Grade Personal Learning Environment

This video of a 7th grade personal learning network was great.  I was so impressed with what all she had on her personal learning network.  I think this is great for students to have.  All the information the students need is right there in front of them.   What this 7th grader done inspires me to want to have my students do something similar when I become an educator.  It is amazing what technology can do, and what a student can learn from a small learning environment.  This video was extremely helpful, and gave me some ideas that I plan on using for my personal learning network.

The Machine Is Changing Us

This video was interesting.  Mr. Wesch has a lot of good points in this video.  He got me thinking about a lot.  He is right everything around us is changing.  He first starts off by using an example of the word ‘whatever’, and the changes in the meaning of words throughout different decades.  Then he talks about youtube and all the different videos that have been posted onto it throughout the decades, from songs to home made videos, youtube has advanced over the years.  He really got me thinking because at the end of the youtube discussion he brought to everyone’s attention that you don’t really know who are you are talking to when you talking, chatting, or posting videos.  You are talking to a webcam or typing on a keyboard, you don’t know actually whom you are talking to.  This concept brought more awareness to me.  I have never really thought about who I am really talking to. It’s crazy how youtube can connect people all over the world.  Together we can accomplish anything!  I liked the humor Mr. Wesch added in his video.  This video was excellent, and I really enjoyed watching it!


  1. Brooke, I really enjoyed your post, especially the section on The Networked Student. You made a great point, why should students be bored with lectures and power points if they have access to thousands of the best professors in the world. The Internet is a great tool and I'm glad to know you're excited about changing the way teachers expect their students to learn!

  2. You are correct. Your learning will never end!

    We hoped you would be inspired by the 7th grader!

    Good comment on The Machine Is Changing Us. I'll add my comments on the video in a post on the class blog soon.