Monday, December 6, 2010

Summary Post C4T #4

Wesley Fryer
Moving at the Speed of Creativity

Comment #1: Speech Tournament Naps, iPod Policies, Laptop Lockdowns, and Student Inspirations

I really enjoyed reading this post, and watching the videos that had been posted to Wesley Fryer's blog.  Its sad to know that students at Longfellow Middle School, were told to never change the wallpaper.  I believe that creativity is very important, and that all students should have their very own wallpaper of their choice.

Wesley used a quote that I really liked. The quote is by Danny Brown:
"Educators are telling our brightest students that they won’t have a voice in the business world when they leave college, so be quiet, just listen to your superiors, and maybe – just maybe – they’ll get on in their chosen profession...Question everything. Settle for nothing. Even the most common sense answers can always be enhanced through questions and ideas."

I explained how this quote is exactly right!.  I feel that it is very important for future educators to read.  As future educators we must question everything and engage in new ideas with our students!

Comment #2: "Be Kind, Do Your Best, and become a Voracious Reader!"

This post was about Dr. Charlene Kohn, a classroom teacher at Wells Elementary School in Wellsm Maine.  She summed up an approach that we should all take to learning and work!  In her class room she posted clear rules about being kind and doing you best.  In her classroom she also a TON of books for her students to read.  I hope one day as a future educator I will be able to have a fun and exciting learning environment for my students, and resources that they can use everyday to better themselves.  "Be Kind, Do Your Best" is a quote that not only students to abide by, but also educators.  We must learn that we should always try our best to make learning fun for our students.  I really enjoyed looking at Wesley Fryer's blog.  It was very detailed and always had a lot of visuals!


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